50 Natives: Delaware: Joe Biden, Maidenhairs & a of couple Asters

by rochelle

in 50 Natives

Lets see, what do we know about Joe the Politician…. he is widely praised for his confidence and outgoing style….natives that come to mind are Maidenhair Ferns, the New England Aster and the White Wood Aster. Each are charismatic plants with their robust, striking habits. They command attention and exude a hearty zest for life, but in their own turn, can step out of line (and sometimes start to be considered a weed).

Their best traits though are their ability to get along with others and and help companions shine. Their growth forms are flexible and can often be found weaving between more-rigid plants in order to show their best side. All are generally good-natured and happy plants that play well with others.

The MaidenHair Fern (Adiantum pedatumcan) seems delicate but it is inherently tough and a good companion to bleeding hearts.
White Wood Aster (Aster divarticus) does not require any staking to support it and is largely self sufficient.
New England Aster (Aster novi-angliae) has a showy side but is often the “last man standing” in disturbed natural areas, surviving long after its companions have succumbed.

Joe Biden, Maidenhairs & a of couple Asters

1. Eurybia divaricata, 2. White Wood Aster, P9120010crop, 3. Symphyotrichum lanceolatum var hesperium ‘Western Willow Aster’, 4. Maidenhair-Fern, 5. Obama Picks Joe Biden, 6. Maidenhair Fern – Adiantum, 7. New England Aster, 8. New England asters, 9. New England Aster