A Birth Announcement, My Weekend and My Homework

So I had a bit of an eventful weekend….besides getting 90% of my garden in the ground, which involved expanding the current area by almost double, removing mature shrubs and lots of cleanout (my body hurts), our new baby keets arrived.   Yes, I have a birth announcement for you.

baby announcement keets

We are still working on names…it is a bit tough though as they are impossible to tell apart.  All suggestions considered.

I proudly share with you some baby pictures….feel free to pass around the office…;)

baby keets chicks

I have some homework that I need to complete too.  My blogging class is wrapping up this week ( I am soooo sad about this, as I have thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from it).   But I need to make some improvements around here as part of my last homework (due today).  Namely, I need to work out what I am doing with the box up there in the right hand corner.   You might have noticed, I have struggled with it.    I am going to try something temporary (since I am still unsure long term and I think it needs some fixing).

I am calling it Chic Shots… every couple days I will put a little picture of our new babies as they grow and I will try to also mix in progress shots on the fancy coop that we are constructing ourselves … this will only last for about 6-8 weeks…when they will be all grown and ready to leave my nest…to make the move from our porch to their permanent home…and then I will have to reassess again. But for now, I hope you enjoy.

6 Responses to A Birth Announcement, My Weekend and My Homework

  1. Ahh, aren’t they the cutest little darlings? I love baby animals. When we had a tank full of fish that we couldn’t tell apart, we always named the biggest one Fred. Then we called them “Fred and the kids.” I’m excited to see them grow, although I wish they would stay little forever!

  2. The blogging class is Called ‘Blogging Your Way’ and was taught by Holly Becker who writes the Decor8 blog. You can get in touch with her through her site to find out when the next class will be. I highly recommend it.

  3. awww – what cute little babies! I am sad about class ending too… :-(
    I will have to include you and your babies in the ‘final homework’!!!

  4. Hi Rochelle, thx for stopping by my site. I’m also sad that the class is ending. I love these little chickies…!! Thx for sharing. wini

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