Evolutions: Jackie’s Front Garden

April 2007

I hope you enjoy this series as much as I do.  This is Jackie’s house and what it looked like before she ripped out the front lawn.  Even though it doesn’t look as pretty as it will, she had already done a lot of work (this is in early in 2007).  When she bought the house it was planted with pathetic and uninteresting foundation shrubs.

june 2007

What I like about this is the progression,….though I am skipping many ‘in between’ shots – (Jackie took nearly weekly photos of the front garden over the last 2 years),… is that it is so encouraging to see a garden transform over time.

august 2007

This is the end of the first year, 2007 – it is an exciting start, but there is alot to come.

spetember 2007

and then it moves into its second year in 2008….


…and things start to become a bit more organized, but 2 years on, in 2009, is when things really start to shine.

may 2009 front garden

May 2009

June 2009

June 2009

August 2009

July 2009

September 2009

August 2009

november 2009 front garden

November 2009

I think I am attracted to this series because it so perfectly displays the beauty that can come with patience and steady work on the landscape.  So many clients want more plants installed in the beginning, that often will need to be removed in only a couple short years as things will have grown so much that they become crowded.   This seems like the perfect study in what a garden will mature to become.

If you want to see all the in between pictures, you should check out Jackies flickr stream.

I am signing off now…even though I have more posts….I have the most heinous head cold…I fear drips will short out my laptop — ugh…and I am finding that sinus swelling seems to be giving my brain some trouble…it simply isn’t working normally…. I hope be back to breathing normally tomorrow with renewed energy.  The Nyquil is kicking in… Good night…

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  1. yes — I agree…I was thinking the same thing….except that I have no idea (technically) how to do that….I am a gimp user…can you do that with the gimp? I do have imovie…. hmmmm

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