10 Responses to Daily Garden: Nancy’s Potted Garden

  1. Wow! I love the progression of photos and July is looking particularly splendid. But… how much watering do the containers need? That would be my only fear of this design.

  2. I’m not too keen on this at all. This garden requires a lot of watering – everyday and probably twice a day. It requires a lot of deadheading, repotting, and moving a lot of the pots around. Too much work for me!

  3. I love this!! The flexibility to rearrange mid-season is appealing to me, and every year is a fresh start. Great photos.

  4. It looks splendidly but I honestly think it’s not worth the effort. Just imagine how much work is included to maintain the plants and keep them in good condition. Let alone to watering every day… Besides those post must have cost a fortune…

  5. I grow all my own veggies in containers. I don’t use terra cotta pots because they require too much water. I use 5 gallon buckets that I build grow containers from (sort of like Earth Boxes). They use 1/10 of the water that growing in soil or square foot gardening uses and gives me 4 times the yield! Some things I move inside under grow lights during the winter, but I find that the buckets that sit on concrete in front of my brick home absorbs heat all day and keeps anything from freezing in the winter. Here in North Florida we had a week of temps in the low 20’s last winter and I didn’t have to even cover anything!

  6. Love these pictures in general, and exponentially much for being sequential like this. I’d see this as a solution to arriving somewhere bricked over like this, a back up plan rather than a goal for an open lot.

    How much watering they needed would be dependent on the plants and the climate. England and the Pacific Northwest are unlikely to need much watering. Sedums (which I see on the left) are unlikely to need watering at all. On the south side of the house, they’d need more, on the north side, less. There’s a lot durable plants here, though that might be a callalilly toward the back left? That’d be harder. There’s moss on the bricks, so this is getting at least some shade…

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